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About Us

Founded by Ashley West,  Bloom Undergarments™ was created to eliminate the dreaded "double up" method of wearing 2 pair of underwear during that time of the month.

Bloom Undergarment's™ stain resistant, leak proof, moisture wicking and antimicrobial protective panel provides  maximum comfort for a better, worry-free period experience.

Are Period Panties for You?

Sanitary. Leak-Proof. Odor Resistant. Comfortable. Fashionable. White Jeans Approved. Unexpected-Flo Proof. For Wild Sleepers. For Yogi's. For Sorority President. For Boss Chicks. For Newbies. For Experts. For Your Period. Period.


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What the buzz is all about...

Gone are the days where you have to double up on panties or ask your girlfriend to check your bottom for a stain when you walk across the room. They're pretty much a game-changer - Delesia Watson

I must admit that I was a bit nervous at first. In my mind, if underwear provided this much coverage then they must be like wearing a diaper. Welp, I was wrong! they're anything but a diaper - Ashlee Sade

It's super soft and comfortable and instantly gave me a sense of security knowing there would be no accidents on my Sunday Funday adventures. The protective panels didn't add any awkward bulk, which means I could wear them with anything, what a relief  - Shannon Owens of

The most important thing for me was comfort. The brief was very comfy, and I didn't feel like extra package or diaper-like. It felt like I had on underwear that were a bit of extra protection. For some ladies who might have a heavier flow, like me, these are a MUST BUY - Itopia Mills of BlvckBradshaw

I chose to try out the crimson briefs and took them for a night out on the town. Let’s just say it was a worry free night! I have also tried them overnight and my experience has left me very impressed! - Janay



Unlike ordinary panties, Bloom Undergarments™ has a protective panel that runs from the very front stitch, to the very back. Without being bulky, the 3-layered protective panel is leak and stain resistant, to prevent embarrassing period accidents.

The rest of the underwear is made of breathable Xtra Life Lycra® fabric, which offers a secure form fit with antimicrobial (aka germ resistant) powers, for a balance of a secure yet comfortable period.


Bloom Undergarments™ are designed to be worn with your everyday sanitary products. However, while we do not replace your sanitary tampons or pads, you can skip the panty liner as we cover light leaks and spotting. 


To ensure longevity of performance and protection, wash your underwear on the "warm/delicate" option. Avoid fabric softener as it damages the antimicrobial and moisture wicking components. We recommend a lingerie wash bag for additional care of your underwear.